The Enterprise Biology Software Project sees biology as a collection of elegant puzzles all of which have surprisingly well-known solutions.  For the most part, however, these solutions are well-known to our biology - but not to us.

Why is this the case?  What can we do about it?  

Since we already know that biological puzzles are made up of many little parts, our first step toward finding a solution consists of assembling a collection of parts and then figuring out how they fit together.  Success is easy to spot.  It appears as patterns that can be captured with equations.   

Equations appear wherever order exists in biology.  We now know that one of the richest sources of order can be found in the connections between parts.  Apparently, something important seems to be gained by maintaining parts in exact proportions - one to another.

Mathematical markers capture the order of a phenotype as alphanumeric strings consisting of parts (names) and connections (ratios).  They allow us to unfold complexity and to generate - objectively - phenotypes in health and disease.