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BIOLOGYtabs 2005


BIOLOGYtabs includes a collection of programs and libraries selected from the Main Program (EBS Version 1.0; updated to 2005).  As such, the package offers the reader a quick introduction to the Enterprise Biology Software Project.

The research software is built around a central core of information - a relational database populated with the published data of biological stereology.  Stereology includes a collection of mathematical methods well-suited to the task of quantifying structures across the biological hierarchy of size.  Moreover, stereology can connect these structures with equations and in so doing provides a first rate foundation for a data-driven biology.

Over the coming years, investigators will discover how a data-driven biology can benefit importantly from a Universal Biology Database, one that accommodates and integrates data coming from many biological disciplines.  Such a resource is expected to become an essential research tool in that it allows us to manage biological complexity effectively and comprehensively.  Indeed, a well-defined strategy for managing complexity will no doubt serve as a powerful catalyst for accelerating both learning and discovery.