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Welcome to the new software package.  This year the report considers the problem of using MRI data derived from living brains to discover how biology engineers its disorders.  When we collect duplicate markers from 21 different disorders and store them in the same database, the resulting data set reflects a super complexity.  In turn, by selecting disorders according to the strength of their affinities, we can follow the relationship of one disorder to another as well-defined complexities - all the way out to the edges of the hierarchy.

Such an exercise shows that the structure of the brain follows a modular design, wherein the same abnormal markers reappear in in a wide range of disorders.  In effect, a disorder resembles a recipe wherein specific sets of parts and connections represent either common or unique ingredients.  Since the test relies on alphanumeric strings containing six characters (triplet markers), its sensitivity is substantial.

By taking a graphical approach to the analysis of a large but homogeneous data set, we can begin to understand that disorders of the brain derive from extremely complex relationships - both within and between individuals.         


The software package offers:

    A progress report.

    A duplicates database (MRI) designed to identify patterns associated with disorders of the brain.

    Updated programs, documents, and databases.

    An eBook summarizing the findings of the Enterprise Biology Software Project.