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Welcome to the new software package.  The Enterprise Biology Software Project recently transformed MRI volumes of living brains into mathematical markers, which, in turn, were used to diagnose disorders objectively (Report, 2012).  This year, we will ask, “Can we use the postmortem data in the stereology database to diagnose disorders of the living brain?  At first, the answer is no.  Postmortem data alone or in combination with MRI (living) data, consistently missed the diagnosis. 

Why?  Volumes in living brains change postmortem - some parts swell, others shrink.  Moreover, the same parts can change differently in control and experimental settings.  This nightmarish scenario compromises our ability to generate absolute values and to detect changes reliably.  When the distorted volume references - expressed as the variables in hierarchy equations - fail to cancel, access to the all important absolute values becomes problematic.  In effect, the approach becomes mathematically unstable.     

If the postmortem data of stereology can neither diagnose disorders with mathematical markers nor detect changes with absolute data from hierarchy equations, then our current research model - based on reductionism alone - becomes ineffective.  The current report addresses this challenging problem of postmortem stereology and offers practical solutions.     

The software package offers:

  • A progress report.

  • The Information Infrastructure.

  • An updated digital library, including mathematical markers.

  • An MRI database for the brain.

  • Correction factors for postmortem data.

  • Updated programs, documents, and databases.

  • Updated theory structure for biological complexity.