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Welcome to the new software package.  The Enterprise Biology Software Project recently discovered - entirely by chance - a remarkable literature database that includes MRI volumes of the brain.  Running these volume data through our information infrastructure quickly produced a new complex data type called the mathematical marker.  It consists of two concatenated triplets (AX:BY:CZ), one identifying parts (A:B:C) and the other proportions (X:Y:Z).  In effect, this new MRI database of markers serves to generalize a complex biomedical literature in terms of local and global patterns.  Starting with more than 700,000 mathematical markers characterizing 24 disorders of the brain, the resulting patterns can be combined to form a surprisingly simple - but so far highly effective - approach to clinical diagnosis.  Moreover, these patterns offer a rare insight into the disease process in that they show how the brain uses its parts and connections to create distinct modules consistent with health and disease.  Since these hierarchical modules can be unique to a single disorder or shared by several, one quickly discovers that the complexity of even a simple disorder is extreme.  By unfolding disorders down to their smallest modules (mathematical markers), one can reconstruct a family tree based on the 24 disorders.  Such an exercise reveals intimate relationships of one disease to another and begins to explain why these disorders can be so difficult to diagnose.  Such findings, of course, help to unfold a new theory structure for biological complexity.  


The software package offers:

  • A progress report.

  • The Information Infrastructure.

  • An updated digital library, including mathematical markers.

  • A new MRI database for the brain.

  • Several worked examples.

  • Updated programs, documents, and databases.

  • Updated theory structure for biological complexity.