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Biology Blueprint 4.0


Repertoire equations express the relationship of one biological part to another quantitatively.  This relationship is defined by fitting data pairs to a regression equation that displays a coefficient of determination (r2) close to 1.0.  When the database contains at least three entries for the same data pair, they are added to the biology blueprint.  The blueprint therefore contains a summary of the many relationships - expressed mathematically as data pairs - that biology uses to construct its hierarchy of size.  This defines the organization of biology as a collection of parts arranged by rule (proportions of small whole numbers) and by occurrence (frequency distributions). 

This detailed information about connections will likely provide some of the clues that will be needed to work out the fine points of genetic mechanisms.  Recall that these mechanisms are operating at all the levels of the biological hierarchy and produce both local and global effects.  By unfolding the complexity of gene products into simple relationships (connections), we can observe - at a much higher resolution - genes in the act of problem solving.  Such information, for example, can tell us what works, what doesn't, and what needs fixing. 

Product features:

  • Blueprint - Out: The table of control data carry a green label, experimental blue.
  • Blueprint - SQL: Connections can be found by name (X Name, Y Name) and/or by proportion (X:Y).