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Welcome to the new software package.  This year marks an important milestone on our road to a mathematical biology in that a solution to the problem of connecting data uninterruptedly - from molecules to organisms is now available.  Such a capability offers the promise of reverse and forward engineering within the framework of a mathematical systems biology.  However, the single, most important factor limiting the development of this systems model continues to be the scarcity of research data that can be used to evaluate the engineering equations.  This scarcity can be traced directly to the enormous popularity, but rank ineffectiveness of semiquantitative methods and data.  The reader will soon discover that when put to the test, semiquantitative data fail it miserably.                 

A mathematical biology begins to exist when the published data of a discipline are stored in a relational database and when the rules that define such data are written down.  The Stereology Literature database and the Universal Biology Database satisfy the first condition and the Rule Book: Guidelines to a Mathematical Biology the second.  The current report and software package introduce these rules and show what they can do.    

The software package offers:

  • A progress report including a candid discussion of semiquantitative data.
  • An updated collection of programs and databases.
  • A solution to the problem of capturing the data of biochemistry, molecular biology, and immunocytochemistry.
  • A Rule Book that charts the course of a mathematical biology.