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One of the easiest ways of solving a complicated puzzle is to simplify it by writing equations.  That's what a universal database does for biology.  Simplification consists of identifying the biological parts as data pairs (X,Y) and forming the ratios Y/X.  In turn, regression analysis assembles these ratios into equations that can become the pathways of reverse and forward engineering or of diagnosis and prediction.  When viewed across all parts and all animals, the equations can also become a blueprint showing how biology is constructed by rule.  By knowing these rules and playing by them, a shrewd player enjoys a considerable advantage.     

The software offers:

  • A report describing the database plus several worked examples
  • A new query by example interface
  • A complete copy of the database with a runtime database engine
  • A quick way of turning research papers into stacks of equations
  • A biological blueprint for parts larger than molecules
  • A data catalogue
  • A working model for a data-driven biology