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BIOLOGYtabs 2005

Counting Molecules

Hippocampus 2005

UDB 1/0 - 2005/6

UBD 2.0 - 2006/7

UBD 3.0 - 2007/8

UBD 4.0 - 2008/9

SB2 1.0 - 2009/10

Codes - 2010/11

Maps - 2011/12

Markers - 2012/13

Markers - 2013/14

Markers - 2014/15

Markers - 2015/16


Latest Findings

  • A database of duplicate markers becomes an effective tool for identifying the rules biology uses to create disorders of the brain.    
  • Mathematical markers - when combined with cluster analysis - can unfold multiple disorders of the brain into a hierarchical tree.

Do you want to know...

  • How you can use a literature database to build and test the foundations of a modern data-driven biology? 
  • What you can discover with your research data when they join forces with those of 10s, 100s, or 1,000s of colleagues?
  • Why playing by the rules of biology can lead to better outcomes in the basic and clinical sciences? 



Software Upgrade

  • Duplicates databases populated with triplet markers and running on a Microsoft platform (Access) offer a new approach to studying the disease process of the human brain. 
  • A Report summarizes recent progress and includes copies of the data sets used in the exercises.
  • An eBook summarizing the findings of the Enterprise Biology Software Project is available for downloading as a pdf, epub, or modi file.