The Software Includes...

  • Advanced Technologies for investigators using stereology and MRI in their research programs.

  • Research Data moved from the pages of refereed journals into the tables of relational databases.

  • Biology Literature Databases for storing standardized research data hierarchically.

  • Universal Biology Databases for storing unified data sets expressed as ratios and mathematical markers.

  • Diagnosis Databases for identifying disorders of the brain objectively.

  • Administrator Tools for managing the databases and software tools.

The 2015/16 Package Includes...
  • A duplicates database - designed to explore the way biology assembles disorders of the human brain. 
  • A data-driven way of looking - for the fundamentals of the disease process.   
  • An eBook - summarizing the findings of the Enterprise Biology Software Project.              

Getting Started...

The Enterprise Biology Software includes an extensive collection of programs, databases, and analysis tools offering advanced technologies to the biology community.  Start here. 



The current release considers the relationship of complexity to disorders of the human brain. 







Progress Reports...

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