The Enterprise Biology Software Project is a nonprofit venture offering advanced information technologies to investigators using stereology in their research.  Data harvested from the literature of biological stereology and clinical MRI - typically contributed by authors as reprints - are stored in relational databases and processed to meet specific engineering and research goals.  In turn, complete and updated copies of the databases along with software tools are regularly sent to contributing authors.     

Information technologies will soon transform biology into a data-driven science, one capable of uncovering many fundamental principles of living systems.  The Enterprise Biology Software Project encourages this process by assembling a data-driven biology and then using it to explore the nature of biological complexity. 


1.0 (EBS 2001) 2.0 (EBS 2002)  3.0 (EBS 2005)

4.0 (EBS 2003) 5.0 (EBS 2004)   6.0 (EBS 2006)

7.0 (EBS 2007) 8.0 (EBS 2008)  9.0 (EBS 2009)

  10 (EBS 2010)   11 (EBS 2011)    12 (EBS 2012)

  13 (EBS 2013)   14 (EBS 2014)    15 (EBS 2015)